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The Indivisible Hoops Story/Timeline:

The Launch

Indivisible Hoops, Inc. (IndiHoops) was launched in 2013 to bring club basketball all to one organized place. Before (Indivisible Hoops) there were not many club team websites (if at all), logos, social media empires and video marketing platforms for club basketball. As a result, one of the biggest weaknesses of youth AAU Basketball became the complete disorganization of information and transparency of it all. It was not digestible to ANYONE – a secret society if you will.

Being in basketball my whole life from the youth to college basketball, it wasn't until I hit my real first real AAU basketball tournament that my eyes opened to this brand new scene.

Instantly, and unquestionably. you could see flaws that the outside perspective talked about. However, you could see something special and something amazing forming that could be incredible. So, since then aimed to help this movement forming and help bring it to the 21st century.

It is the aim of Indivisible Hoops to use cutting edge technology to make the club basketball experience people involved with youth club basketball. AAU basketball is now in 5 years and is so digestible that a figure such as a Lavar Ball was put to the forefront (like it or not) last year, culminating in a twitter war with President Donald Trump. (Imagine telling someone this sentence even 5 years ago…they would come take you away…).

The Takeaway – Consistent Team Rankings and Leadership in the market was filled by IndiHoops a void had been filled and it pioneered an amazing 5 year run in the industry and ultimately, every day that goes by, we feel like the experience at the end of the day results in a better environment to raise talented basketball players.

IndiWorld Launches

IndiWorld Championship was formed and quickly became one of IndiHoops most popular products. The idea was to create the little league of basketball. (I am on record saying this many years ago…despite the current headlines that have recently come out). The first year is so special to our staff it is almost an unexplainable camaraderie we share being a part of it.

Here is the real story of the IndiWorld championship and why 8th grade is the focal point.

My perspective is unique, I joke that I am the AAU Basketball translator to the business world and vice versa…because you just can’t really understand it until you are a part of it. A lot of normal business fundamentals DID NOT APPLY. I set out to go FAR DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE.

Let’s go back in my timeline briefly.

1998 - The internet started to become more digestible. There was a service called Roadrunner (Time Warner Cable now) that allowed you to instantly get on the internet and move almost as fast as you can now. It was this technology (DSL was one of them) that got people excited about the internet. I became passionate about designing a website and was formed.

It was a basic basketball website directory


Granted, I am 12 years old…I don’t really know where to take this thing and I have some basketball games to play…the project ended up dying. (We actually did monetize the site…adidas paid us to put up a 468x60 banner).

I turned 13, and this brand new facility opened called USIU. It was a 6 court facility and deemed the largest hardwood floor facility in America. Truly innovative by a group called High Five America (no longer around, but I have utmost respect on what they pioneered…seriously so ahead of its time).

First weekend it opens, there is a tournament and we are up and running. Club basketball starts to explode in San Diego and the country. The Nike National Tournament is held here…LITERALLY in Scripps Ranch where I can ride my bike, there is a facility that has Coach K and has Dwayne Wade, Yao Ming, Tyson Chandler playing in the event. I was a ball boy…LOL.

I set out to learn from the best as a young kid that loved the game, and played at the HS Varsity level…but my true calling was to be a coach and develop talent.

In College, I set out to learn from the best…the Lute Olsen summer camp in 98 is after the 97 championship..and Tucson is just buzzing. Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Miles Simon…these guys are LEGENDS. I liked the vibe..and decided I would go to college there.

When College was done…I got hired as a coach of my alma mater and give the 8th grade club (feeder) team. That turned into 5th-8th Grade teams. The Varsity coach was then fired. I now the head coach of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Freshman, JV, and Varsity team and helping at a local JC – Miramar College. (They have just recently opened a state of the art facility of 4 courts that is across from my middle school and one exit north of USIU…now called Alliant.

No was not in my vocabulary.

An opportunity opened up as I was not hired as Head Coach (did not even make it to the interview) and I went to assist with Miramar College and learn a higher level of basketball.

It was there that Top Gun Basketball was formed which had a 10 year run in San Diego that was influenced by High Five America with a more current twist. The final year ended with 4 Mcdonalds All Americans in Chicago that grew up playing in San Diego. As fate would have it…I attended this game. Dream come true.

Before TJ Leaf was a Mcdonalds All American in 2016, we had a 10 year drought of not even having 1.

Top Gun Basketball was the SD brand…clubs, trainings, leagues, tournaments, clinics…if you were bouncing a ball in San Diego…you knew TG. Bill Walton holds a basketball week long event that I manage. We run basketball games inside a major league baseball stadium. (Is this real life)?

There was something bigger going on though…it was time to expand out. The limitations of San Diego infrastructure and mentality were very limiting. I still can’t believe what we accomplished here. It was through sheer will. The obstacles came from everywhere and I couldn’t find a facility of my own to build here in SD. It just was not in the cards and I am saddened to say, but Top Gun has gone by the wayside.

I could make every excuse in the book but what it really comes down to ironically is just like in the movie: Top Gun:

My ego started writing checks that I just could not cash.

But like my guy Ed Madec of Fresno JC says – Legendary Acts Lead to Legendary status.

Now we are here. IndiLockers is the true platform for the player. The idea is conceived many many years before…but I instinctively knew the market was ready.

Now we are. The future is here and you are now a part of it.

I hope you enjoy this experience.

The last 10 years I have been a coach, camp counselor, camp director, elite camp director, elite camp coach, trained pros, made a training dvd for sale, league director, scorekept, assistant coached, statkeeper, marketing…the list goes on and on..I am now taking every good thing from each and discarding the rest with IndiLockers.

My favorite thing of it all…We got people excited about basketball and being aspirational.

IndiHoops became the better version of HoopLinks, as it solved a problem but now could “surf” unbelievable things happening in technology. Social media, Mobile Phones, the list goes on and on. You can see how cutting edge technology is a BIG part of our culture.

A kid by the name of Jaylen Hands literally fell into my lap. I did not know the kid and was transitioning out of coaching at the time. That day in 2012 at Corky’s Gymnasium…274 Pico Ave on Court 1 – Nothing would ever be the same.

I texted my partner at the time…I just found the best basketball player I’ve ever seen in my life at halftime. WHERE DID THIS GUY COME FROM?

Anyways, I will write more about this later, but joining forces with him was another very special player named Reed Farley who is now on Harvard as a Shooting Guard.

They were both in 7th grade and these 2 years were one of the fondest memories of my life. Specifically in the 8th grade. One of the reasons I love 7th grade is that the gimmick programs and gimmicks really start to wear off. In 7th grade you can really BULLY a talented player. 8th grade the game starts to become real…and skill over strength starts to take over and doesn’t ever really look back. Your skillset is complete at the end. You can’t really change much after this. We like to quote Warren Buffett: “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too tight to be changed.” It is an important window and is a make or break season.

I really feel like that year was incredible and our approach was really different than most. Quite honestly, I got very lucky…the perfect storm happened. It is very difficult to do…

The very LAST tournament was in Vegas and we went on an incredible run. We thought we were going to have a real shot to take this big tournament. However, the tournament is just like every tournament. There was nothing real special about it. After we lost in the elite 8, I knew it would be the last time I ever coached Jaylen. I just wished we could have had one last grand finale.

It was this inspiration that created IndiWorld. A place to finish an end of an era. We respect this sacred time and for no other reason then what I hope you have learned about me and our culture. I truly love this game and care about its health. It comes from an authentic and passionate place. There will be other circuit and other competitors, but we are going to continue to raise the bar and fight for what we believe in…because ultimately it attracts to us the like minded aspirational people.

IndiLocker Launches

The World Is Yours.

Brian Hershman – Founder of IndiLocker